History & Background Information

Budget & Asset Management has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Physical Facilities Inventory for OSU-Stillwater and the OSU Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa. Budget & Asset Management has close-knit working relationships with the Facilities Management's Geospatial Systems and the office of Risk & Property Management. Budget & Asset Management, Geospatial Systems, and Risk & Property Management provide data and information that allow university administrators to make informed decisions regarding current and potential use of campus space and future needs.
Managing a university's physical space requires cooperation and communication between Budget & Asset Management, Geospatial Systems, and Risk & Property Management, the administration, and the academic departments. Consider that Oklahoma State University includes:
  • 1,489 acres on the Stillwater campus
  • 5,914 acres in the surrounding areas (mostly agriculture and veterinary medicine)
  • 20,269 acres that include Lake Carl Blackwell
  • over 700 buildings with almost 12,000,000 gross square feet
  • over 36,000 rooms
Budget & Asset Management collects, maintains, and analyzes information about university space use through the Physical Facilities Inventory. Instructions, definitions, and schedules are provided through the Space Management page. With a computer-aided facility management system called Archibus, Budget & Asset Management, Geospatial Systems maintain information in Building, Room, Room Percentages, and other supporting tables. The data in these tables provide information to analyze current use of space and can be used in a needs model developed by the Association for Learning Environments formerly known as the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI). This model is a systematic process to assess the adequacy of existing space and future needs.
Geospatial Systems maintains CAD drawings of all buildings. Since the installation of Archibus in October 1999, over 100 buildings have been remeasured, redrawn, and linked to the rooms inventory. This linkage allows floor plans to be displayed and printed that have been color coded and/or cross-hatched to show room use by department, by room type, or by program (function). Archibus also provides a summary of square footage by any of these categories. Geospatial Systems maintains a website for viewing interactive campus maps, floor plans for campus buildings, and other facilities information at http://www.geosys.okstate.edu.
Risk & Property Management maintains information on buildings, acreages, leases, and insurance on all university assets. This office also oversees the accounting and financial reporting for capital projects of the university.
For information on space management issues, contact:
Budget & Asset Management:
Stephanie Jones, Specialist (Space), jstep@okstate.edu
Facilities Management, Geospatial Systems
Steven McClary, Interim Manager Geospatial Systems, sbmccla@okstate.edu
Risk & Property Management
Charles Fleischer, Property Manager, chuck.fleischer@okstate.edu
Sam McFee, Assistant Director, sam.mcfee@okstate.edu
Mitchell Emig, Director, mitchell.emig@okstate.edu